Ice-rink hire sounds like sci-fi but it’s not; it’s here and bringing incredible fun to everyone! […]
Gone are the days of telling an enthusiastic child that their dream of being an Olympic […]
Figure skating works almost every muscle group in the body. Joint flexibility and a strong core […]
It is possibly the breath-taking blend of ethereal beauty and imminent danger that makes figure skating […]
Without having to limit skating to appropriate seasons, synthetic ice-rinks mean all four seasons are suitable […]
We not just talking about children’s party events here. The overwhelming statistics show that today’s modern […]
1. Be unique – synthetic ice-rink hire for events is already that, so tick this box […]
Marketing has taken a new turn now that the buying power is transferring hands to the […]
Synthetic ice-rink for events have found the perfect partnership in creating fantastic themes for rink-hire occasions. […]
This is a fair question. As far as leisure activities go – both indoor and outdoor […]