Carbon Footprint

Here at Ice Magic International We know that the Environment ,Carbon Footprint and Sustainability, are now at the Forefront of your Minds when Planning Events. They are for US too. They are the very reasons why we took the Decision to use Synthetic Ice Rinks, instead of Real Ice Rinks.

We are invested in the Future of our Planet.

Real Ice Rinks require; Huge amounts of Water, Constant Electric Power to keep them Frozen, and Machines Powered by Fuel to keep them Functioning i.e. to clear the top layer of Ice and Slush. All these Elements add up to a Huge Carbon Footprint!

Our Product is made from Recycled Plastic and Does Not require Water or an Electric Source to keep it Running. This means that there is a Huge Reduction of our Carbon Footprint Compared to that of Real Ice Rinks.

Our Skating Panels are Used for Years, and when we are Finished with them, they get Repurposed, often into New Rinks and Barriers.

In our now milder Winters, Real Ice Rinks Struggle to keep Frozen. Therefore, even more Power is needed to reach Freezing Temperatures. Our Synthetic Ice Rinks Do Not have this Problem! So they are not only Good for the Environment , they don’t get the Water from Defrosting Ice which often Hinders the Skating Experience.

There is Minimal difference now in the actual Skating Experience, between Real and Quality Synthetic ice. We have spent many Years Developing our Product so that it is Comparable to Real Ice. Years ago, there was a Notable Difference, but now our Product Provides an Excellent Skating Surface and has been Hired by many High Profile Clients who have all been Delighted with it for their Valued Customers such as: Longleat Safari Park, Covent Garden, Harrods, Butlins, Meta, Barclays, The Dubai Royal Family, John Lewis and Hundred’s of Happy Customers Worldwide.

Invest in the Future of our Planet – Use Synthetic rather than Real Ice.