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Ice Rink Hire Overview

We continue to strive to be the leading supplier of quality synthetic ice rinks

We have over 22 years of experience supplying synthetic ice rinks, so you know that you can trust us our hire services.

Based in the UK, we create magical skating rinks across the globe for many different occasions and make sure every base is covered. Whether you’re looking for long term or short term hire, we have packages to suit every need; short-term hire covers a single day and long-term hire encompasses anything over that.

With our ice rinks requiring no power at all, it is environmentally friendly as well as being fun for those who have a passion for ice skating. Hiring a synthetic ice rink for your event couldn’t be simpler with us.

Bespoke Designs & Branding

Our synthetic ice rinks and barriers are made from a strong ultra-density polythene which means they do not warp, crack, splinter or corrode. All of our rinks are made from 1-metre square slabs that uniquely connect together. Our barriers also attach to the edge of the rink to ensure complete safety for everyone. 

In the past, we have also made rinks that incorporate a company’s branding and fit into their marketing campaign seamlessly. We have a team of dedicated in-house designers that are committed to meeting the requirements of those wanting a non-conventional synthetic ice rink package. This allows colours, sizes, shapes and dimensions of the floor and barriers to be made to specification to maximise brand identity and impact.


For more information on what our packages include, visit our hire service offering page.


Skating Rink Sizes

Due to the unique way our synthetic ice rink surface connects together, we can make custom skating rinks to suit our customers in any shape or size to accommodate any location or venue.

We do have a list of the most commonly requested sizes below, however, we are able to create an ice rink in any dimensions.


What’s included in our packages?

As standard, all packages include:

  • Tongue and groove rink floor

  • Quality ice skates (number depending on size of rink)

  • Skate sizes ranging from children 9 to adults 12

  • Interlocking barrier system

  • Protective rubber matting

  • Bench seats

  • Skate racking

  • Skate sharpener

  • Penguin aid scooters - to help little ones glide with ease

  • £10m public liability insurance

  • Experienced and first aid trained staff

  • Risk and method statements


Installation & Size

Our rinks are created by connecting square slabs that fit together in a unique way; our barriers also attach to the edge of the rink to ensure complete safety for everyone. Our rinks and barriers are made from a strong ultra-density polythene which means they do not warp, crack, splinter or corrode. Below is an example of our most commonly requested sizes, but please keep in mind that we can work with you for flexible shapes and sizes suited to your venue.

Rink Size

Square Meter

Max No. of Skaters


Installation Time


























Why Ice Magic?

Our synthetic ice rinks are suited to a huge range of different events and activities. We can supply to schools, universities and other organisations, as well as for corporate functions, fundraising events or community gatherings.

This one was for an ice production in Ireland


This was was installed inside the courtyard of a stately home!


You can even play Ice Hockey on our fantastic skating rinks...


And remember...size isn't an issue - we own and operate the largest hire fleet in Europe!


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Our corporate event was a great success and the rink was kept busy throughout. I was extremely pleased with the level of service we received from your team on site and would very much like to work with you again in the future.

Fantastic Options and Packages

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