Ice Rink Barrier Graphics & Advertising

Our barrier system has been designed to maximise your profile and promote your business. With the use of vinyl graphics, we can transform a rink into a brand awareness tool to increase revenue potential. If you’re looking to highlight your brand or new product, this is the perfect way to get your logo out there. We can accommodate advertisements of your choice by using vinyl graphics to transform the rink visually. This offers a unique opportunity to utilise eye-catching content. To give additional impact, the graphics can also be wrapped around both sides of the barrier.

We like to make the process quick and simple for our clients. We produce and apply the graphics in-house so all we require from the client is the artwork; the graphics can then be turned around in 6-7 days on receiving the artwork. Alternatively, if you have a more commercial venture in mind, why not work with external, local companies and organisations by selling advertisement space? Please get in touch for a guide to barrier rink sizes or for any further information.