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Ice Rink Hire For Corporate Events

A synthetic ice rink is a great addition to any event due to the fact that it is such a fun and versatile activity; this has been proven in the increased use of rinks at corporate events. It’s fun for people of all ages and abilities and is a brilliant way to bring people together. Whether it’s a team treat or a team-building task, Ice Magic are here to make it extra special.


Corporate Event Advertising

As well as supplying everything you need for an event, we have the opportunity for advertising as an addition to your package. Use our unique barrier system to promote a new product or show off your company logo. We can do this using vinyl graphics, all we need from you is the design. On top of that, the marquees we use for outdoor events can be embellished with advertising materials.




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Hire Questions

How long do the rinks take to install?

This will depend on the available access to the proposed location of the rink. However, as an indicator, a 9m x 8m rink is approximately 2-3 hours, 12m x 12m rink 4-5 hours and 15m x 20m rink 1-2 days. These all come with a full support package as standard.

How many people can skate on the rink at any one time?

We work on the basis of having 3m² of ‘ice’ floor per skater. This means that a 15m x 20m (300m²) rink will accommodate up to 100 skaters. The number of skaters can also be influenced by the age of those skating and their abilities.

How long should we give for each skating session?
After having carried out in excess of 500 ‘ice rink’ installations, we have a good understanding of what works and is acceptable to the general public. We would suggest between 20-45 minutes per session (no longer). After this length of time, most skaters start to come off the rink of their own accord due to tiredness.
How much can we charge the general public?

When setting a charge, this should include the supply of ice skates. On average, across the UK, the following charges have been deemed acceptable.

  1. Low Season (Jan - Oct): Child £2.50, Adult £4.00 for 30 mins.
  2. High Season (Nov - Dec): Child £5.00, Adult £8.00 for 30 mins.

However, clients may feel that their prices can be increased or decreased at their discretion.

What surfaces can your ‘ice’ rinks be installed on?

A firm, solid and level area is the best for installing our rinks. This means that it can support the weight of the equipment and the maximum number of skaters. We have installed rinks on grass before but this has required the client to supply and lay a subfloor prior to the rink installation, especially if during winter months. We cannot install our skating rinks on sand!

Do you provide Public Liability Insurance?

For staffed hire contracts where we are providing a team to operate the rinks, then our £10 million public liability insurance is included within the hire fee. For dry hire contracts, where clients are operating the rink, the provision of Public Liability Insurance cover falls on the operator to provide.

What happens if it rains?

The weather has no effect on our ‘ice’ rink surface. However, clients may wish to consider a canopy to cover the rink. We can assist with this or it could be sourced by the client from a registered marquee company. In most cases, our previous clients have preferred to opt for open-air installations, believing that it provides more atmosphere than an enclosed rink.

Can skaters use their own skates?
Yes. The skates we supply are standard ice skates that can also be used on real/wet ice rinks, meaning their own skates will be suitable for the surface.
Can you get hurt on synthetic ice rinks?
In 22 years of providing synthetic rink equipment, our company has never had a claim made against our public liability insurance. The National Ice Skating Association also state that they believe synthetic ice is the safest skating environment for novice skaters. Accidents can happen, but with good stewardship of the rink and ensuring that preventive measures are in place, they can in most cases be prevented.
Are your operating crew first aid certificated?
Yes, at least one rink steward will be first aid certificated.
Can sponsors place advertising material on the rink barriers?
Yes, but the sleek design of Ice Magic® barriers does not allow for banners with eyelets and rope to be secured. The best way of advertisers/sponsors maximising the rink barriers for publicity is by the use of vinyl graphics similar to how commercial vehicles are sign written. We can supply this in-house and more information is available on request.
Do you participate in profit share?
No, we only hire for a fee.
Can we use the rink for fundraising on a one day hire?
We do not promote our product as a fundraising tool, rather a unique attraction that allows individuals to experience the thrill of skating in a safe environment. The only realistic way to acquire an 'ice' rink for fundraising on a one day hire, is to approach local businesses to provide sponsorship toward the cost, the return on their investment being the opportunity to locate their promotional material on the rink barriers.

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