Ice Rink Hire For Schools & Universities

Ice skating is not just a fun activity, it is a recognised sport and a great way of socialising for people of any age. We’re making it easier than ever to have ice rinks in your educational campuses with our unique installation system.


Children can get their physical education work out while doing something fun and different to the norm. We have run skating events at schools for those who are unable to access it normally or just for fun like an end of term disco or fundraising event. As our rinks can be installed on any flat, firm surface, a tennis court, playground or sports hall is the perfect venue.  Over the years, we have worked with town councils and other organisations, as well as schools. We’ve been involved in creating family fun days within shopping centres, youth clubs, local fields, attracting crowds of all ages for a fun-filled experience.


From Freshers’ Week to the Summer Ball, an ‘ice’ rink in your University campus is guaranteed to be a success. As well as enjoying the fun, it’s also getting the students out of their rooms for some brilliant exercise and a unique way to socialise.

Standard Package

This bundle offers absolutely everything you need for a successful skating event and therefore is our most popular package. This includes:

  • The self-contained Ice Magic synthetic ice rink with an interlocking barrier system,
  • Skate distribution area with bench seating and rubber matting
  • Skate and shoe racks

Alongside many extra additions, a large selection of differently sized skates, staffing, and insurance cover are also included.

Disco Fever Package

If you’re planning something a bit more special, we are able to offer a high-quality sound and lighting system to create an amazing disco vibe. For the optimum safety and comfort of your guests, our staff will also be on hand to offer help. All members of the team are first-aid trained, and many skate at professional levels.