Purchase Questions

We have a range of surfaces to suit any event and budget. With panels 18mm thick, our panels have been endorsed by the National Ice Skating Association as well as professional skaters and coaches. As well as this, they are suitable for installation both outdoors and indoors.

Our ice panel warranty is 15 years, this is from the date purchased and based on continuous daily usage. Our unique rink barrier systems also come with a 10 year warranty (excludes kicker boards). All additional support items such as skates, rink cleaning machine, skate grinder, etc come with the full manufacturer’s warranty with our suppliers being industry leaders in their fields.

Our ‘ice’ rinks are not adversely affected by extreme weather conditions, therefore making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use around the globe. Our operational temperature range of equipment is in excess of -40°C to +40°C. Our strong, durable surfaces will not crack, warp, splinter or corrode and are chemical and water resistant.

Yes, you can. Our panels allow you to use either figure skates or ice hockey skates, it is important to keep your skate blades sharp to enjoy the optimum skating experience.

There is a greater frictional resistance on a plastic surface, bringing positive aspects and challenges depending on the technical ability of those skating.

  • Beginners/Recreational Skaters – It is an excellent surface and great fun. It is different from ice but very good for learning the basics. Due to the additional friction, there is not as much initial glide, therefore your feet don’t tend to disappear from underneath you so rapidly.
  • Intermediate Skaters – For those who have experienced the glide factor of ice, synthetic rinks do demand a bit more effort but are still great fun.
  • Advanced Skaters – Again, you have to put in more effort to gain speed and techniques may need to be adapted. However, it is still possible to perform all the major jumps, flips and spins.

With proper maintenance and care, our ‘ice’ rinks maintain a consistent glide factor of 90% for the life of the product. In comparison, dependant on resurfacing capabilities, wet ice rinks start with a glide capability of 100% which then drops to around 80% after a few hours. Under normal circumstances, a wet ice rink would have to close for resurfacing, whereas a synthetic rink can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apart from maintaining a clean surface of the rink, the only other task is spraying the surface with a fine coating of skate enhancer (diluted 1:3 with water) at regular intervals. This can be done by rink staff, either on skates or normal footwear, using backpack spray applicators. This means that there is no need to clear the rink of skaters while performing the task. Skate enhancer is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

Definitely. We supply our ‘ice’ panels to event management companies for the staging of spectacular ice shows as it allows experienced skaters to execute all movements that they would perform on normal ice. In terms of ice hockey, Ice Magic® is ideally suited for practising techniques including stops, slap shots, and goaltending. It can also be installed within a domestic or commercial setting. Using Ice Magic® panels regularly will improve stamina, hone technique and minimise muscle strain due to the lack of extreme temperatures.

All we require is a firm, flat and level area. For example, previous installations have been carried out on tennis courts, car parks, sports halls, etc. If you would like the rink to be on grass, a suitable sub floor (such as plywood sheets) is required to be provided by the client; this is to prevent any rain water leaking onto the rink or subsidence of the panels. Unfortunately we cannot set up directly onto sand.

Our panels are 100% ultra high density polythene and therefore both sides are able to be skated upon. As an example, our Perma Glide 18mm panels have a life expectancy of at least 15 years.

Our Ice Magic® product range is manufactured, prepared for delivery and dispatched from our premises in the UK, using reputable shipping agents. Dependant upon the location, size of the client and size of the order, we prep all of our equipment for dispatch by sea, air freight or container lorries if it is overland. For overseas clients, we are able to provide Harmonised Custom Tariff codes where appropriate. You can of course arrange your own shipping.

Yes, there is a minimum purchase order quantity of 64m².