Ice Rink Purchase Services

As well as providing the ice rink, we make sure you’ve got everything you need so you can sit back and relax.

With our experience in synthetic ice rink sales across the globe, we can offer opportunities to our suppliers that will allow them to capitalise on the continued popularity of the ‘ice’ related activities. Our rinks are designed to be an alternative when real ice rinks are unable to be installed; this could be due to location, time, costs, etc. We use the latest technology to offer an authentic and memorable ice skating experience.

Why choose synthetic ice?

Our rinks have a huge advantage over real ice due to many factors:

  • Our surface cannot melt
  • We can guarantee 24/7 skating
  • More economically friendly – No need for expensive polluting generators or chillers so there are no huge fuel or water bills
  • Our surfaces make for a safer skate for everyone (NISA approved)
  • There’s no resurfacing needed
  • Installation and de-rigging is more time efficient
  • The panel can be skated on both sides and it is the only one of its kind in the world
  • All rinks are quick to assemble and more importantly disassemble making them very mobile friendly

As well as being cheaper to run and maintain, the initial outlay cost is much cheaper meaning that our clients are provided with a more profitable, revenue-generating resource. With our recommended maintenance and care, Ice Magic® synthetic ice maintains a consistent glide factor of approximately 90% and can be open 24/7. To put this into comparison, wet ice rinks start at 100% and reduce to around 80% after a few hours and will need resurfacing at regular intervals.

What are you getting?

‘Ice’ Panels

Our panels are 1m x 1m in size and are 18mm thick. With a unique interlocking system, it makes the installation process user-friendly and practical. Our Ice Magic® panels are also endorsed by both top skating professionals and skating coaches.


Our barriers are precision cut, coming in 2m and 1m sections for ease of installation. When used alongside our ‘ice’ panels you are able to lock them to the edge of the rink, creating a seamless look.

Support Package

As well as the rink, you’ll receive a package full of equipment that you’ll need for operation e.g. skates, skate grinder, rink cleaning machine. All of this equipment comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and comes from suppliers who are industry leaders in their field.