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Buying a Synthetic Ice Rink For Your Garden Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds 1

Buying a Synthetic Ice Rink For Your Garden Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds

If your children are keen ice skaters and have been pestering you to take them to the ice rink, we have an interesting proposal for you: buy your own synthetic ice rink for your back garden.

Before you dismiss this (frankly, genius) idea, take a moment to explore with us the facts around this somewhat unusual – but incredibly useful – addition to your home.

As we know, ice skating outdoors is dependent on our highly fickle weather, and winter is simply no guarantee that the local pond will be safe to skate on.  If your town doesn’t have a local ice rink then it’s likely that you’ll be spending a fair amount of travel time to get to the nearest rink. Of course, once you’re there you will certainly be paying for the time spent there – after all, business is business.

A Home Ice Rink?

If your family and friends are ardent skaters, or perhaps are interested in developing their figure-skating or ice-hockey skills, then a home ice-rink will prove to be a brilliant investment.

In fact, even if your children aren’t planning a career on the ice, a fair-sized ice rink which is always accessible to them and their friends will almost certainly encourage more outdoor time, and less screen time. (A constant battle for parents of teens!)

Ice skating is a wonderfully fun aerobic exercise which is gentle on the joints and builds balance, coordination and all-round body strength.

Just one moment though… surely an ice rink at home comes with enormous maintenance and energy costs? Who wants to keep a giant slab of ice in tiptop shape without the required skills or tools?

Sounds like a bit of a headache, don’t you think?

Buying a Synthetic Ice Rink For Your Garden Isn’t As Crazy As It Sounds 2

A Synthetic Ice Rink At Home

Yes, you guessed it. There’s no need for a “real” ice rink when there is a wonderfully practical and low-maintenance option in the form of a synthetic ice rink.

Also known as fake ice, plastic ice or artificial ice rinks, synthetic ice rinks are made from tough ultra-density polythene panels. These clip together to form a strong and seamless skating surface, almost as perfect at the real thing.

However, once your home ice rink is set up, there is no need to manage the temperature of the ice or get involved in any complex maintenance. With a surface that does not warp, crack, splinter or corrode, maintenance is minimal and energy costs are zero.

In fact, these synthetic ice rinks are so durable that we offer a full 15-year warrantee on the complete system – that’s how confident we are in our product.

But, what sort of surface do you get with a synthetic rink? Surely real ice is better?

Nothing beats the feel of gliding on ice – it is a truly magical thing. However, artificial ice rinks do have some benefits over real ice which we’ve discussed in a previous article.

Essentially, they are more practical, more readily available, and ecologically better options than setting up a “real” ice rink. Sadly, not all of us enjoy the benefits of living next to a sizeable body of water which freezes over regularly and is safe and accessible.

Where to Get Your Artificial Ice Rink

Skating – no matter what the weather is doing – is a brilliant pastime for children. It’s a safe and healthy way for them to spend time outdoors with friends and family, all the while building up their bodies and learning new skills.

Ice Magic have been in the business of hiring and selling synthetic ice rinks across the globe for over two decades, and we think it’s safe to say that we have all the expertise that you will need in order set up an ice rink in the privacy of your own garden.

Ice hockey tournaments, figure skating, roller skating parties, mini-fundraisers or birthday parties will all be made that much more exciting with your own personal skating rink.

If you’re considering a synthetic ice rink at home then we’re sure you have many questions, all of which we are keen to assist you with. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly team members on +44 (0) 1182 080 067.

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