Harrod’s Christmas Launch Video

Short Film for Harrods

When Harrods required an ice rink for their 2013 Christmas marketing campaign, we were delighted to supply one of our synthetic solutions. We were asked to help create a short film where Santa would end up skating on the roof of the Harrods.

Ice Rink on Store Roof

The film’s storyline meant building the rink on the Brompton Road store’s helipad. The rink also needed to be positioned in a way that would highlight the world famous Harrods dome in the background. As the filming was going to be taking place at night, the windows in the dome would be lit up, helping to bring focus to it. Following discussions with the team, we built a rink of 12m x 12m (144m²) for the professional skater to use. As this was a film production, the use of our ice rink barriers was not applicable. Once this was all set up, along with the cameras, filming was ready to begin and took place over 2 star-filled nights in the city. After all filming was complete, we dismantled the rink and lighting. The editors then took the footage and turned it into the wonderful video campaign that went out across the Harrods website and their social media channels.

If you require an ice rink for a Christmas marketing campaign, get in touch.