Iceland’s Stratford store transformed by Ice Magic for a festive commercial

An Idea For A Festive Promotion

Dancing on Ice is something that we knew all about but Shopping on Ice, on the other hand, was something new. We were approached by a London Event Agency with an idea of creating the world’s first Supermarket Ice Rink. The festive idea was for a National sales campaign for Iceland. It involved transforming the aisles in Iceland’s brand new Stratford store into an ice rink. Of course, we were thrilled to bring this idea to life and within just a day before the store’s grand opening we fitted our synthetic ice skating panels into the aisles. It was ready to give people a shopping experience they’d never forget.

Introducing: The World’s First Supermarket Ice Rink

What was once the typical aisles of a supermarket, was now an ice rink. We handed over to the film crew who captured the happy shoppers taking to the ice. Customers got their skates on, quite literally, and did their Christmas shopping meanwhile two professional skaters even took to the ice aisles and gave a magical performance. We then de-rigged the panels in time for the opening the following morning. The commercial was a huge success, and certainly put the fun back into Christmas shopping. No matter how bizarre the idea, we are always ready for the job. Put a bit of ice magic into your next project.