Permanent Synthetic Ice Rink For Seychelles Theme Park

Seychelles Theme Park

When a theme park in the town of Victoria, Seychelles, required a permanent synthetic ice rink installed, we were delighted they chose us to do the job.

Manufacture & Installation

We manufactured the skating rink in the UK and it was then shipped via container to the island. Our team of in-house engineers then flew out to install the rink which was complete and ready for skaters within two days.

The Perfect Theme Park Attraction

Located inside the park alongside rides, simulators and arcade games, our permanent synthetic ice rink has been a very welcome addition, loved by both locals and tourists. As it was installed in an air-conditioned building, it provides the ultimate comfort for skaters while also giving them protection from the sunshine whilst skating.

Get in contact if you’d like to discuss having a permanent synthetic ice rink installed.