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Health Benefits of Ice Skating

As well as being a great family activity, there are many health benefits of ice skating that make it perfect as a workout too. We’ve got a list of the top reasons that ice skating can help you improve your health while still having fun at the same time.

Improved Balance & Co-ordination

Trying to stay upright while on skates strengthens your muscles, which massively improves your balance. By teaching your muscles to engage when standing it will not only aid your balance but also assist with toning as well as improving body control and endurance. Moving across a slippery surface will quickly teach you how to stay on your feet.


Muscle & Joint Health

One of the great benefits of ice skating is the improvement you’ll see in your muscle and joint strength. By pairing quick foot movements with strong knees, the joints in your legs receive a great work out. You will also be able to see improvements in your flexibility following on from this.

As all the movement is predominantly on the lower half of the body, the muscles in your legs will also start to tone and build over time.

Family skating on indoor rink

Stress Relief and Mental Wellbeing

Participating in regular physical activity can help to combat the effects of stress. As ice skating is not only physical but also fun, it makes for the perfect way to let go of the week’s stresses and problems while having fun with friends or family. If you happen to find an outdoor rink, you can also skate away your troubles while taking in the scenery as another way to relax.

Learning to skate can also be a great way to boost self-confidence, especially when mastering new moves or making new friends through classes.

People sat with ice skates on and holding coffee

Weight Management

It has been shown that, depending on how hard you skate, it is possible to burn between 300 and 650 calories after an hour of skating. This makes ice skating the perfect way to burn of some extra calories while you have fun.

People ice skating in a shopping centre

These are just some of the benefits that ice skating can bring. If you’re interested in hiring or purchasing a rink of your own to take advantage of these benefits then get in touch today for a quote.

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