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Purchase a Home Ice Rink, Because Sporting Careers Start at Home

Purchase a Home Ice Rink, Because Sporting Careers Start at Home

It’s been said that ice hockey is figure skating in a war zone, and we tend to agree. We also believe that this is just one of many reasons to have a home ice rink if your young ones are considering a career in either ice hockey or figure skating.

As with any sporting career, the secret is to practice, and then practice some more. A home ice rink allows exactly this, but how practical is it really?

A Home Ice Rink – Easier Than You Think

Jungle gyms, trampolines, tennis courts and mini-golf greens are not uncommon additions to residential homes. It stands to reason that if you have a passion for something then having the ability to indulge in your interest whenever the mood takes you is great!

But, an ice rink? At home?


But what you’re looking for is not your traditional chunk of ice which necessitates the energy input of a small country and needs regular, specialised maintenance.

No. Rather, you need a synthetic ice rink.

We’ve covered the fundamental differences between a natural and a synthetic ice rink in previous articles which will answer your technical questions. Suffice it to say that a buying a synthetic ice rink for your own personal use is the perfect solution for budding ice hockey pros.

Purchase a Home Ice Rink, Because Sporting Careers Start at Home 1

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

“In 1985, a study was done in Ontario, Canada for all 10-year-old hockey players. At this time, there were 22,000 10 year-olds playing hockey in Ontario. Of these players, only 110 made it to the OHL (Ontario Hockey League) and 22 more received scholarships to Division 1 schools.

This means that only 132 out of those 22,000 made it into the top feeder leagues for the NHL. Of those 132 players, only 7 played in the NHL. Those are astonishing numbers.” (Source) 

This excerpt from highlights the incredible competition that up and coming ice hockey wannabes have to face.

The simple fact is that the only way to get better at anything is to do it – a lot. And when you bear this in mind, suddenly an ice rink in your garden makes a whole lot of sense.

In a moving article, the late Drew Brown had this to say about the level of commitment required to reach and maintain a position in a professional ice hockey team:

“What began as a three hour a week hobby has now turned into a twenty hour a week job. Don’t get me wrong when I say ‘job’. You still play because you love it, but if you truly want to be good, it takes the extra effort.

“To become an elite hockey player, you must work hard every time you step in the gym or on the ice. You cannot tell yourself that you will do something tomorrow. because someone else looking for the same spot on a college team is working hard today and tomorrow. Every extra rep or drill will pay off in the long run. If you work hard the rewards will come and if you work hard you will play hard. The player with the best skill set when younger will be caught by the other players if he does not work hard.”

A Professional Ice Hockey Career Starts At Home

As parents, there’s no doubt that we want our children to succeed, to follow their passions and to reach the pinnacle of accomplishment in their chosen careers.

A synthetic ice rink at home allows our children who are looking to excel in figure skating or ice hockey to hone their skills, any time they want. With such fierce competition, and success or failure hanging on mere seconds, it’s clear that purchasing a long-lasting, hard-wearing synthetic ice rink is the only solution.

Ice Magic supply synthetic ice rinks worldwide. Our products are built to last, simple to install, and can be set up on pretty much any flat surface. Please click here for a quote on an ice rink for your home.

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