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The “Coolest” Corporate Event Ideas Start Here

The “Coolest” Corporate Event Ideas Start Here

Have you been tasked with finding unique and creative corporate event ideas? Is your year-end office function looming and you are looking for something interesting and not just an open bar and an overexcited DJ?

We’d like to help, perhaps offer some insights into what corporate event ideas will result in a successful and memorable day for all concerned.

Choosing a Type of Corporate Event

If you’ve been trawling through the internet looking at different corporate event ideas, then you must know that it can be a bit of a rabbit hole.

Company events can vary greatly and can include:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Golfing events
  • Staff retreats
  • Product launches
  • Celebrating company milestones
  • Team building events
  • Corporate family fun days
  • Fundraising or charity events

Whatever event you’re planning for, however, we’re sure that you want it to be memorable, appropriate, and stress-free.

If you’re choosing a less formal event and something with a little fun, then we have some creative ideas to make your business event interesting.

Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Ice Skating

Ice skating? Absolutely!

Before you start fretting about the weather, the safety of your staff, families or clients or the logistics of arranging and setting up an ice-skating rink, we’d like to give you some valuable information.

corporate event ideas ice rink

Synthetic ice rinks are one of the easiest and most entertaining additions to a corporate event.

A synthetic ice rink from Ice Magic:

  • Is made of a hard compound which mimics the feeling of ice
  • Can be set up on almost any flat surface
  • Clips together seamlessly in varying sizes depending on your needs
  • Requires no energy to function
  • Comes with barriers and safety personnel to care for your event attendees
  • Skates, skating-penguin buddies and blade sharpeners are all provided
  • A DJ can be provided as part of the package
  • Is set up and removed by our competent team

Whatever the weather or size of your function, a synthetic ice rink is a great addition. Ice skating is a gentle aerobic exercise where people of all ages can relax and have fun in a safe environment.

An ice rink can be set up indoors or outdoors, it can be branded for promotional purposes, and can form part of a festival lasting from a day to a week.

Team Challenges

Nothing gets the adrenaline going quite like a team sporting challenge.

A seasoned events company such as Simply The Best Events offers an incredible range of activities which are bound to bring out a little friendly rivalry and a whole lot of fun. For example:

fun corporate events

As far as corporate event ideas go, a day out for the team on a 50ft soapy inflatable obstacle course followed by delicious food and cocktail making sounds tremendous.

Roller Party

It’s hard to beat the excitement of a roller-skating company party!

Being a little more user-friendly than an ice-skating rink, a roller party is sure to bring out the 80s child in everyone; what with a little disco lighting, a safe and smooth indoor or outdoor surface, and many happy memories of roller-discos of yesteryear.

Roller Magic is your best bet here, as they supply everything you’ll need from rink to skates and can set up your event anywhere in the country.

unique corporate events roller rink

What You Need For a Successful Corporate Event

Did any of our (awesome) ideas strike a chord?

We hope so.

The bottom line, when planning a corporate event is to make sure you can check off the following essentials:

  • Do I understand the demographics of my attendees?
  • Is my corporate event idea appropriate for the purpose of the event?
  • Is my location easy to find and of a suitable size?
  • Do I have appropriate entertainment for my audience?
  • Do I understand the location, timing and setup requirements?
  • Will everyone be safe?
  • Do I trust that each vendor will do their part?

If you’re still a little stumped and feel that you need more information (or more ideas) please pick up the phone and have a chat with one of our friendly team members.

We’ve been creating fun, unique and memorable corporate events for decades.

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