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The Ultimate Guide to Ice Rink Hire

The Ultimate Guide to Ice-Rink Hire

Ice-rink hire sounds like sci-fi but it’s not; it’s here and bringing incredible fun to everyone!

Ice Magic’s synthetic ice rinks require no power to run, are environmentally friendly, indoor and outdoor compatible, and available all over the world. Of course, if you’re hiring lighting and DJ service with your package, power is needed. Generators are used where the main power supply cannot be used. So, never fear, if you’re thinking of hiring a rink for the last hole on the golf course.

Without the complications of natural ice, synthetic ice has taken the world by storm. Ice-rink hire is here to stay. Many hundreds of school-going children or varsity youths could never dream of skating because they’re just too far from the nearest rink.

But dreams can come true. Parents and schools alike can access reputable ice-rink hire companies and install a rink on their own property.

Even supermarkets are jumping on the bandwagon. Dancing on ice is one thing but what about shopping on ice?  An Iceland store in Stratford became the world’s first supermarket on ice for the festive season. Ice Magic was there to make this unique ice-rink hire happen and provided personnel to keep it safe. Rooftop ice-rinks are another popular attraction for launches of all kinds.

This all sounds very exciting, but what are the mitigating factors when it comes to ice-rink hire? Here are a few pointers.

Who Needs to Hire an Ice Rink?

The short answer is; ‘Everyone’! And who wouldn’t love an ice-rink installation for special occasions?

The fact is that from companies and organizations looking for eventing options to back garden installations, hiring an ice-rink will make it that much better.  Having the Ice Magic professionals set up an ice-rink exactly where you’re eventing saves time, money and hassle.

When you’ve brainstormed in the board room for hours and no one is coming up with great ideas. The family is coming over to your place for traditional celebrations and you’ve no idea how to entertain everyone. Your community wants to raise gift money for underprivileged groups and you’re flat out of ideas to raise sufficient funds. In all the foregoing scenarios (and dozens more) let ice-rink hire be your initiative.

If ice-skating is a sporting interest for you or your kids, installing a rink at home or at a sports club facilitates training and fun.

Here are a few tried and tested scenarios for example;

  • Promotion campaigns
  • Exhibition centres
  • University events
  • Community events
  • Fundraising events
  • Corporate functions
  • Family celebrations
  • General entertainment needs
  • Ice hockey and ski and skating training

Trust that you will be providing your VIP’s with guaranteed fun and entertainment. If you’re a sports coach, your hockey team can put in all the training they need without having to wait their turn at a traditional rink. You get to choose when and where to set up your ice-rink hire – anything from a one-day event upward.

The Ultimate Guide to Ice Rink Hire

Why Choose a Synthetic Ice Rink?

Perhaps the greatest endorsement in this industry is that Ice Magic was chosen to supply the 2010 Winter Olympic Games with synthetic ice panels. May that inspire confidence in the excellence of quality and service.

Technology has provided synthetic ice that is close to frozen water.   No power is needed, and rinks can be made to size specifications. The ice hockey fraternity, too, has bought into the concept. Goalie and shooting training only need a 15×15 area for practice. Synthetic ice-rink hire for all occasions needs to be high-grade quality, otherwise, skates become blunt too quickly. With high-quality synthetic rinks, ice hockey on a summer day is a new reality.

Ski resorts likewise use synthetic ice rinks instead of having beginners head out to the ‘nursery slopes’. If you own a store that supplies ski and skating equipment, setting up a pop-up ice-rink hire somewhere in your store on in your mall food court is a drawcard. Advertising on the safety barricades makes you stand out from the crowd.

Unless you’re an Olympic ice skater where nanoseconds are going to make the difference between a gold or silver medal, synthetic ice is perfect for the rest of us.  Let’s face it, the thought that we could have an ice rink in our own back garden is tantalizing to start with. Pop-up or permanent, synthetic ice brings skating into all seasons. ‘Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call’ Ice Magic to bring you an ice-rink that’s safe and fun.

What is Included When you Hire an Ice Rink?

Ice Magic’s synthetic ice-rink hire takes place with the full backing of a professional team.

The following are what is always included in the ice-rink hire packages:

  • Tongue and groove rink floor
  • Quality ice skates (number depending on the size of the rink)
  • Skate sizes ranging from children 9 to adults 12
  • Interlocking barrier system
  • Protective rubber matting
  • Bench seats
  • Skate racking
  • Skate sharpener
  • Penguin aid scooters – to help little ones glide with ease
  • £10m public liability insurance
  • Experienced and first aid trained staff
  • Risk and method statements
  • Music and lighting
  • Snow effects machine

Varying venues and locations pose no problem when it comes to synthetic ice rink hire. Custom-made sizes make for simple application to all needs. Installations can be done on grass provided a subfloor is laid first. Sand surfaces are the only exception, so the beach is out folks!

With over 22 years’ experience, in pop-ups, long hire and permanent installations, Ice Magic is both capable, professional and delighted to help.

Feel free to get in touch with us on (01182) 080 067 or visit us at we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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