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Why Choose a Synthetic Ice Rink Over a Natural Ice Rink?

From ice hockey to bumper cars, musical productions to a good old birthday party, synthetic ice rinks are fast becoming the product of choice. What makes synthetic ice rinks so popular, and how do they measure up against their real ice counterparts?

What is a Synthetic Ice Rink?

A synthetic ice rink (also called an artificial or plastic ice rink) is created from solid interlocking blocks made from various polymers which create a smooth and even surface for use by conventional metal-bladed ice skates.

These synthetic ice rinks are created from a specially treated plastic which offers a hard-wearing and long-lasting surface, ideal for various types of rinks, but is treated with a silicone compound to give ice rinks their particularly slippery surface.

What Are The Main Differences Between Real and Synthetic Ice Rinks?

Many die-hard skaters swear by natural ice and prefer it over a synthetic ice rink. Of course, when you’re a professional ice-hockey player, a figure skater or an Olympic sportsman, nanoseconds can make or break your career.

Most of us, however, are quite happy to wobble around on a slippery surface to our favourite tunes or watch the kiddies enjoy a super-fun day out on an ice rink.

The main differences between real and synthetic ice are:

  • When skating on a frozen rink the friction of the ice skates tends to melt the top layer of ice creating a thin layer of water on the skating surface. This reduces drag even further and offers a super smooth gliding surface.
  • The products used in synthetic ice rinks can wear down the skating blade faster than real ice which requires the blade to be sharpened more often.
  • Depending on the compound of the synthetic ice rink, it may require frequent skimming and cleaning as the surface is worn down.

Why Choose a Synthetic Ice Rink Over a Natural Ice Rink?

What Are The Benefits of A Synthetic Ice Rink?

So, with the technical bits out the way, we’re left with the question of whether to hire a synthetic ice rink or to look for the real deal.

Let’s take a look at the following factors:

  1. Availability
  2. Practicality
  3. Ecological


Logically, your local lake or pond is only going to freeze over once a year. So, if you are hoping to hone your skating skills, or create an ice-skating event where you are guaranteed a smooth white surface, then you’re best off with a synthetic ice rink.

No matter where you are in the UK, and no matter what our (often freakish) weather is doing, if you’re planning to hire a synthetic ice-skating rink then you know for a fact that you’ll be skating on that day.

Ice rink hiring companies such as Ice Magic plan, deliver, assemble, manage and remove the ice rink according to your needs. How easy is that?


Notwithstanding the above, a synthetic ice rink is such an easy option to include in an event. All you need is the correct sized space depending on the number of people you’re accommodating, and there it is.

No sky-high energy costs trying to keep a massive flat surface freezing in the mid-summer sun. No soggy fields. No specialised equipment required to continually skim the surface.

If you’re planning a fundraiser, a company day out or a neighbourhood party, you can just order the product that you need and there it is. Just a simple set and forget ice rink which gets magically taken away when you’re done with it.

Ecologically Sound

Those of us who are concerned with rising energy costs and who are determined to do our bit for the environment will be pleased to know that synthetic ice rinks use a fraction of the energy required to set up and run a real ice rink.

This is great for events that last several days or weeks and represents a significant cost saving to the event organisers and zero ongoing energy costs once set up.

Synthetic Ice Rink Hire Across the UK

If you’re lacking the right weather and a good-sized pond, all is not lost.

Whether you’re down in sunny Brighton or up in the Hebrides, Ice Magic is available to deliver the “wow” factor to your next event.

Please feel free to give us a call and let us show you how easy it is to create a fun family or team event with a synthetic ice rink.

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