Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks for Hire

We are the Market Leaders in Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks and operate the Largest Hire Fleet in Europe!

Synthetic Ice Rink Hire in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Essex, Bucks, London, Dorset, Devon, Birmingham, Reading, Edinburgh, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, Southampton, Swindon, Harrogate, Durham, Newcastle, Guildford and throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

synthetic ice rink hire

Why hire a Synthetic Ice Rink?

Here are some key facts as to why you should choose to hire synthetic ice rinks

No expensive equipment required

No requirement for expensive generators or chilling units to freeze the rink

No huge fuel bill

There is no requirement for electricity to keep the ice frozen and so you save money big time!

No risk of damage

There is no risk of damage to the venue surface.  We take care of everything to ensure full protection of the surface

No risk of the ice melting

There is no risk of the ice melting during the installation period, or while the ice rink is being used

Guaranteed ice stating whatever the weather

Our synthetic ice rinks can be used in virtually any weather conditions

Safer skating

A synthetic ice rink offers a much safer skating environment for all skaters and especially Young Novice Skaters

No environmental issues

Synthetic ice rinks are extremely kind on the environment as they do not need refrigeration, extreme water consumption and excessive energy waste etc.

Resufacing not required

There is no requirement for re-surfacing and therefore the synthetic ice rink can operate for much longer hours giving you the a higher ROI

Substantially less expensive

The cost savings for hiring a synthetic ice rink compared to a traditional ice rink are immense

Greatly reduced installation time

Our installers can set up up a synthetic ice rink in a fraction of the time that it would take to install a traditional type of ice rink

Skating Rink Sizes

Due to the unique way our synthetic ice rink surface connects together, we can make custom skating rinks to suit our customers in any shape or size to accommodate any location or venue

synthetic ice skating rinks

Installation and size

Our rinks are created by connecting square slabs that fit together in a unique way, our barriers also attach to the edge of the rink to ensure complete safety for everyone. Our rinks and barriers are made from a strong ultra-density polythene which means they do not warp, crack, splinter or corrode. Below is an example of our most commonly requested sizes, but please keep in mind that we can work with you for flexible shapes and sizes suited to your venue

synthetic ice rink sizes

Custom Synthetic Ice Rink sizes are available on request with custom branding options

We offer One Day Hire, Weekend Hire and even Long Term Hire…however long you require a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink for, we will have the Perfect Package…

synthetic ice skating rinks

For all Hire Enquiries, please contact us today and one of our Friendly Team will be happy to assist you with the details +44 (0) 118 208 0067