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Terms & Conditions

The Hirer (as per the contract/invoice) confirms that they have full permission to site the rink in the location requested and that any council permission or land owner’s permission, where necessary, has been granted. Any vehicle parking permits must be pre-arranged and paid for by the Hirer.

Confirmation of Booking and Payment Terms

To confirm a booking, the contract/invoice must be signed and the deposit must be paid. A confirmation email will be enough to hold the booking for 7 days but it will not be confirmed and booked until the signed contract is received and the deposit is paid.

All deposits are non-refundable. The Hirer will pay Ice and Roller Magic a non-refundable deposit of 30% to confirm the booking and must pay within 7 days of receiving the contract unless otherwise agreed.

The Hirer will pay Ice and Roller Magic the full remaining balance at least 14 days before the date of hire, unless otherwise agreed. If the balance payment is not received, Ice and Roller Magic will not perform the event but contractual obligations of payment will still apply and any amount outstanding will be pursued through the County Court if necessary.

For any booking taken at short notice (3 weeks or less) full payment will be required by return.

Cancellations and Alterations

Any cancellations or alterations pertaining to this contract must be communicated in writing / email by the Hirer and any alterations must also be agreed to, by Ice and Roller Magic, in writing / email.

The Hirer agrees that if any cancellations, for whatever reason, are made within 60-31 days prior to the event date a cancellation fee of 50% of the total charge will apply. For cancellations 30 days or less, prior to the event, full payment (100% of the total cost) will be required.

Rink Set-Up

a) The rinks are required to be set up on a flat, horizontal level, area (either indoors or outside) and the area must be free from debris, dirt, mud and any other obstacles. (Hard standing is preferred but we can set up on grass and other surfaces, providing the location is accessible. Please note rinks cannot be set up directly on sand.

b) Rinks can operate in most weather conditions but cannot be set up in heavy setting snow. In the event of adverse weather, we reserve the right to delay, cancel or postpone the rink booking to a different date, but every attempt is made to ensure your rink is set up and delivered on time. No refunds will be given.

c) Our team will require access to the site at least 3 hours before and after the event start time and finish time for smaller rinks. Larger rinks will require a full day for build and de-rig. If your start time is midday or earlier then we may require access to build the rink the day before.

d) Failure to provide suitable access may result in our team being unable to set the rink up on time, or at all. If you are unsure a site visit can be arranged (at extra cost). Or should you prefer you can email through photographs of the site. If we are unable to gain access due to the Hirer providing us with incorrect information, no refunds will be given.

e) Our team will, from time to time, have to change the size or shape of the rink to suit the venue. Sometimes to achieve the best performance out of the rink, we may build the rink longer and thinner, rather than a square. Either way the client will still have the same rink area that they have booked.

f) Our staff will have the final decision regarding where the most practical and safest place to set the rink up will be.

g) If any hours (including build and de-rig time) are during darkness, the Hirer will need to provide power for our lighting.

h) We will require a 13amp power supply within 20 metres of the rink unless otherwise agreed in advance. Generators are available to hire if needed – details on request.

i) Please note that due to health and safety requirements we will not under any circumstances allow persons intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or what we consider to be a hazard or danger to others around them, to use the rink. Our staff will have the final decision on health and safety.

Vehicle Access

a) We must have suitable, accessible and unencumbered vehicle access to within 3 meters (10 foot) of the area in which the rink is to be set up. Please note we use large vans, trucks and on occasions HGVs. It is the Hirers responsibility to make sure the access is on hard standing with no overhead obstructions e.g. cables / barriers / fences / gates / posts or any other obstructions. Failure to inform us of any access obstruction may result in late operation or our team being unable to set up the rink at all, in which case, no refunds will be given.

b) We must be informed where the rink is to be set up i.e. either outside or inside and if there are any steps, stairs or slopes or any other physical obstructions. It will be assumed that all outside rinks will be sited at ground level on a hard-standing surface (unless otherwise agreed). Whilst on occasions we may be able to access other areas, this must be agreed in advance and may incur additional charges. If areas of obstruction, other than those specified, are encountered on the day, it may not be possible to set up the rink, in which case no refunds will be given. Our staff will have the final decision on suitable vehicle access.

c) If the access is deemed to be unsuitable, no refunds will be given. If a site visit is required a charge will apply.

Supervised Rinks

a) Our staff will not put skates on / off children or adults.

b) Our staff will be on site to make sure the rink is being used safely.

c) Our staff will not organise time slots, sell tickets or handle money unless discussed and agreed in advance. We will however advise in best practice.

d) Ice and Roller Magic hold 10million pounds PL insurance cover and have a full health and safety pack available on request.

Rink security

a) If the rink is located for more than a 1-day duration, the hirer is required to provide security and security fencing outside of operational hours.

b) If crowd control barriers are required around the installation areas, they are to be supplied by the hirer unless specified and agreed at the time of booking. Ice and Roller Magic can supply fencing, security, power and lighting at additional cost.

c) The Hirer agrees to take full responsibility for any losses outside of operational hours. All such costs will be borne by the Hirer.

d) It is the hirers responsibility to keep all items covered with an all risks insurance policy from the time of delivery to the time of collection.

e) Any additional equipment / crew time required because of, but not exclusive to, requirements by local authority health and safety officers or the emergency services, are chargeable at cost.

Commitment to Care

Ice and Roller Magic accepts no liability for any damage, loss, illness or injury resulting from this event however this may have been caused, save for death or personal injury caused by its own negligence.

All users take part at their own risk – signs will be displayed accordingly. Helmets and pads are provided for roller rinks but not for ice rinks.

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