This is a fair question.

As far as leisure activities go – both indoor and outdoor – ice skating remains a safe, fun, family-friendly sport. An ice rink caters for all ages and skating levels with the more seasoned and confident among us whizzing around the inside, and the cautiously optimistic staying a little closer to the outside rails.

For event companies who are looking for an inclusive draw-card to entertain a crowd, synthetic ice skating rinks are a no-brainer. For corporate events, fundraisers, charity events or a special town celebratory weekend, a synthetic ice rink is the answer.

Consider the benefits:

A synthetic ice skating rink can be set up anywhere, provided there is a flat surface and enough space for the delivery vehicles.

Set up can be indoors or outdoors, and to a size that suits your needs.

It doesn’t really matter what the weather is doing – a mid-summer ice skating event is just as feasible as a freezing winter wonderland.

Synthetic ice rinks are fully mobile. If your company chooses to buy an ice rink then this asset follows you wherever you need to go.

Once set up, a synthetic rink needs no additional power to maintain a skating surface.

Considering all the above, we do have to ask the question, why aren’t synthetic ice rinks more common? We hope that we’ve given you something to think about, and we welcome any questions that you may have.

synthetic ice rink hire and sales
synthetic ice rink hire and sales



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