There is something magical about gliding along the ice, and what better way to help get everyone into the spirit of Christmas? Ice rink hire offers an easy way to get this feeling even when the cold weather has not arrived! The synthetic rinks mimic the feeling of real ice and are set up by professional teams in your chosen location.

They come with all the required safety features and personnel as well as all the equipment needed; skates, blade sharpeners and skating-penguin buddies for the unsteady or new to skating.

As an added benefit you can hire a DJ to spin the sound of Christmas. Ice rink hire will make a great alternative or addition to your average year-end celebrations, and once you chose this option, odds are it will become a regular yearly request.

Add to the Christmas feeling by using Christmas themed décor as well as considering bringing out all the festive favourites when it comes to your food and drinks.

synthetic ice rink rental during Christmas
synthetic ice rink rental during Christmas



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