We not just talking about children’s party events here. The overwhelming statistics show that today’s modern movie animations resonate with all present and upcoming buying-power adults of both genders in all nations!

Like a cosmic tuning fork, Disney seems to have struck a planetary emotional chord with today’s movie-going Millennial Generation. Disney proudly announced “Frozen” among the highest-grossing animations. The first Frozen made $400.7 million (£306.3 million) at the box office in the USA, but now Frozen 2 has exceeded all expectations as it has already gone past the $410.7 million (£314 million) mark at the box office.

We, at Ice-Magic, understand the hype. When the storyline is relevant enough to be a four-quadrant success – appealing to males and females over and under 25 years old, that makes it perfect for an eventing theme.

Of course, any event on ice is magical, but looking to these incredible stories give our clients a certain inspiration.

synthetic ice-skating rinks
synthetic ice-skating rinks



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