Hitting the gym with a buddy is always fun. A run in the park is great. That punching bag in the garage is an excellent way to relieve stress. But have you thought about synthetic ice rinks?

More people than ever are enjoying the flexibility and fun that synthetic ice rinks offer, and it’s no wonder. Mobile ice rinks offer a safe and fun way to stay fit and healthy, no matter the weather.

synthetic ice skating rink
synthetic ice skating rink


There’s no question around the fact that playing a sport is a brilliant way to get fit. You don’t always realise how much exercise you’re getting when you’re running for that next goal or sprinting for that corner shot.

This is what sets ice skating apart as a brilliant way to stay in shape.


The beautiful art of dance combined with the fluidity of ice skating makes figure skating a popular pastime. However, it also offers some amazing health and fitness benefits.

Did you know that an hour of ice dancing will burn around 900 calories? That’s an efficient way of losing weight if that’s your goal!

The strength and endurance required for this sport also shape the body.

“Take a look at any professional figure skater and you’ll notice one major thing: their legs are incredibly muscular. This is because jumping, landing and sticking on a slippery surface require much more lower-body endurance than on a regular dance mat. Even during leisurely skating, hamstrings, hips, calves, quadriceps, and core muscles like the pelvic floor, back muscles and glutes increase in mass and are strengthened and toned, as the lower body works to propel you across the ice.”


There is a long list of benefits of playing ice hockey.

It develops the cardiovascular system of the body.

Ice hockey boosts your metabolism.

Ice hockey is a full-body workout.

It develops hand-eye coordination.

Ice hockey improves body coordination and balance.

Improves communication.

Ice hockey will give your brain a boost.

The speed and agility required of an ice hockey player are formidable. This means that players need to be fit and strong to be an effective participant, and plenty of practice is key.

Having access to a synthetic ice rink allows for plenty of practice time without having to worry about what the weather is doing.


Not all sports are family-friendly, especially when you have little ones in your care. Ice skating is a perfect day out for everyone with the opportunity to glide around at your own pace while the children and less cautious members of the family work off weeks of pent up energy.

Schools and communities have often made use of a mobile ice skating rink for festivals, fundraisers, and family days. Because they are available in various sizes and can be quickly assembled either indoors or outdoors, they are a simple and effective way of entertaining a family-oriented crowd.

Ice skating is a wonderful way for children to build up and maintain fitness levels and core body strength.


If you weren’t convinced before of the exciting health and fitness benefits of ice skating, we’re sure you are now.

In fact, due to the durability and low maintenance of synthetic ice rinks, many families have chosen to buy one and set it up in their own garden. Parents of children with an interest in figure skating or ice hockey certainly offer a huge advantage to their budding athletes by giving them far more time on the ice than their peers.

Schools or community groups can provide an alternative to a gym for young ones who are more likely to exercise more when they’re having fun.

If you’d like more information on synthetic ice rinks, how they work and what the costs are, please get in touch with us by clicking on the Contact tab. We’ll be more than happy to assist.



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