Ice-rink hire sounds like sci-fi but it’s not; it’s here and bringing incredible fun to everyone!

Ice Magic’s synthetic ice rinks require no power to run, are environmentally friendly, indoor and outdoor compatible, and available all over the world. Of course, if you’re hiring lighting and DJ service with your package, power is needed. Generators are used where the main power supply cannot be used. So, never fear, if you’re thinking of hiring a rink for the last hole on the golf course.

Without the complications of natural ice, synthetic ice has taken the world by storm. Ice-rink hire is here to stay. Many hundreds of school-going children or varsity youths could never dream of skating because they’re just too far from the nearest rink.

But dreams can come true. Parents and schools alike can access reputable ice-rink hire companies and install a rink on their own property.

Even supermarkets are jumping on the bandwagon. Dancing on ice is one thing but what about shopping on ice? An Iceland store in Stratford became the world’s first supermarket on ice for the festive season. Ice Magic was there to make this unique ice-rink hire happen and provided personnel to keep it safe. Rooftop ice-rinks are another popular attraction for launches of all kinds.

This all sounds very exciting, but what are the mitigating factors when it comes to ice-rink hire? Here are a few pointers.

synthetic ice rink hire
synthetic ice rink hire



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