1. Be unique – synthetic ice-rink hire for events is already that, so tick this box first off!

2. Be authentic – today’s generation can smell fake a mile away. Make it real for them.

3. Be memorable – again – hiring an ice-rink takes care of this one!

4. Be social-media conscious – your attendees will be. Reward social media likes, great hashtags for them to use, and work to have permissions for contact.

5. Smart logo use – remember to use it in subtle ways for plenty of subliminal input. Have it on balloons, on napkins, on wrappers, on information signs, on giveaways and reward gifts.

6. Swag items – a must for synthetic ice events! Arm your forward-marketers with branded bags to carry stuff in, shirts, stickers, and pens, etc that their friends will get to see after that fact.

7. Refreshments – attendees need to eat and drink. Find creative ways to brand the coffee mugs, food name labels, paper plates, and napkins to keep their mind on the event even in the canteen area.

synthetic ice rinks
synthetic ice rinks



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