The short answer is; ‘Everyone’! And who wouldn’t love an ice-rink installation for special occasions?

The fact is that from companies and organizations looking for eventing options to back garden installations, hiring an ice-rink will make it that much better. Having the Ice Magic professionals set up an ice-rink exactly where you’re eventing saves time, money and hassle.

When you’ve brainstormed in the board room for hours and no one is coming up with great ideas. The family is coming over to your place for traditional celebrations and you’ve no idea how to entertain everyone. Your community wants to raise gift money for underprivileged groups and you’re flat out of ideas to raise sufficient funds. In all the foregoing scenarios (and dozens more) let ice-rink hire be your initiative.

If ice-skating is a sporting interest for you or your kids, installing a rink at home or at a sports club facilitates training and fun.

Here are a few tried and tested scenarios for example;

Promotion campaigns

Exhibition centres

University events

Community events

Fundraising events

Corporate functions

Family celebrations

General entertainment needs

Ice hockey and ski and skating training

Trust that you will be providing your VIP’s with guaranteed fun and entertainment. If you’re a sports coach, your hockey team can put in all the training they need without having to wait their turn at a traditional rink. You get to choose when and where to set up your ice-rink hire – anything from a one-day event upward.

synthetic ice rink hire and sales
synthetic ice rink hire and sales



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