Perhaps the greatest endorsement in this industry is that Ice Magic was chosen to supply the 2010 Winter Olympic Games with synthetic ice panels. May that inspire confidence in the excellence of quality and service.

Technology has provided synthetic ice that is close to frozen water. No power is needed, and rinks can be made to size specifications. The ice hockey fraternity, too, has bought into the concept. Goalie and shooting training only need a 15×15 area for practice. Synthetic ice-rink hire for all occasions needs to be high-grade quality, otherwise, skates become blunt too quickly. With high-quality synthetic rinks, ice hockey on a summer day is a new reality.

Ski resorts likewise use synthetic ice rinks instead of having beginners head out to the ‘nursery slopes’. If you own a store that supplies ski and skating equipment, setting up a pop-up ice-rink hire somewhere in your store on in your mall food court is a drawcard. Advertising on the safety barricades makes you stand out from the crowd.

Unless you’re an Olympic ice skater where nanoseconds are going to make the difference between a gold or silver medal, synthetic ice is perfect for the rest of us. Let’s face it, the thought that we could have an ice rink in our own back garden is tantalizing to start with. Pop-up or permanent, synthetic ice brings skating into all seasons. ‘Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call’ Ice Magic to bring you an ice-rink that’s safe and fun.

synthetic ice rink hire and sales
synthetic ice rink hire and sales



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