Marketing has taken a new turn now that the buying power is transferring hands to the next generation. The need for comic and fantasy relief is real. What better way to merge that with the ongoing reality that marketing must go on regardless? Thanks to its mobility, synthetic ice-rinks have made the magic of ice, speed and skating together with fantasy themes accessible to event managers, the entertainment industry and filmmakers alike. Ice-Magic has decades of experience and supply set-up and monitoring teams to make rink-hire a pleasure in every way.

It has been said that today’s generation values experiences above possessions. Promoters are dealing with tech-savvy people who automatically become a formidable and entirely free, forward-marketing arm. Catering to that reality is a no-brainer with synthetic ice-rinks at events. That ticks the box on so many levels including the most important consideration, which is that your event wasn’t all about you! Instead, you catered for the memorable enjoyment of your attendees. That’s how to make your events unmissable.

synthetic ice rinks



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